In Our Bags!

Tonight we are taking home a few things in our school bags.

#1:  The class photos order form!  You can check out the full size photo outside our classroom door – we look awesome! Last day of ordering is Thursday, February 21st.    Place your photo order in the Kids Foto Box at the ES Office.
The photos will be delivered to school on Friday March 22.

#2:  A rubric/checklist for Our Fragile Earth Prezi.  Remember to use Ms H’s student email to log in (Username: and you know what our class password is!!  Complete the checklist and write down the things that you need to finish – then finish them as this prezi is going on YOUR blog!

#3:  If you enrolled in an After School Activity – there is a form informing you of what you are enrolled in and what day your activity is.  If you were not successful in getting into an activity there is a letter explaining why and how to pick up your refund.

Have a great weekend!

Smooth Stones

I’m wondering how many people in our class will read this in time …… voxtrot:the start of something

Today I forgot to ask you all to bring a “medium” size smooth, flatish stone from home, to school tomorrow.

If you are reading this, you might like to bring two smooth stones (rocks) to school in case one of your friends didn’t read this post.

The stones are for a special project for Random Acts of Kindness Week!

Photo Credit: visualpanic via Compfight cc

Flowers and Snowmen

From my gorgeous sweet kind 3rd Graders! A big huge thank you to my gorgeous, sweet and caring 3rd Graders (and their Mum’s & Dad’s) for the beautiful basket of flowers and handmade cards (loved the messages!!).  What a lovely surprise and a massive hug-fest this morning!

Could the day get any better? Of course!  Team Challenge Day!  Take a look at what we got up to this afternoon!


Secret Squirrel Week

To end our first Semester together and to honour our Bucket Filling system – where we are kind and caring to one another – we will be having a secret squirrel week.  Please see the list below. A paper copy will come home on Friday afternoon as well as the name of the person each student will be the secret squirrel for. Everyone has filled out a survey form to help with the “things” to prepare.

It is really important that we do not reveal who we are the secret squirrel for – it’s a secret!  It’s really important that we don’t forget to bring our secret squirrel “thing” each day next week.  It’s really important to make sure that the person’s name is somewhere on the “thing” so that we know who to give it too, without revealing the secret squirrel.
More importantly, this is about being thoughtful and creating something special for the person you are secret squirrel for.
You could get everything ready for your “person” over the weekend.

From the master Secret Squirrel of Room 207

Same but Different / We Are Family

International Day – what a day! What a week!  It’s been so much fun and so interesting to learn a little more about the ways we are the same but still different!  Thank you to everyone who either shared some of their culture with us during the week or with us on International Day – it was awesome!

Room 207’s Highlights of International Day from our Reflection Sheets include:

The Assembly and the visits to all the countries ….

Visiting all the countries …

Making the bottle of colour sand and the spa …

The Country Roll Call …

Israel and Lunch …

USA County Fair …

Going to different countries …

Having a spa in Thai room and playing Kratoa

Coconut icecream!

The parade, the assembly and going to the USA …

Walking the International Parade …

Check out the final video from our Wednesday Flash Mob:

And don’t forget to watch Room 207’s International Day Travels!