Our Second Day

Today we had a math and spelling inventory!  That’s Ms H’s way of finding out what we know in Math and Spelling.  (Sometimes her accent was hard to understand – thank goodness she put the word to spell in a sentence so we knew what she meant!)

We also practiced our reading routines – our library looks so inviting!  We talked about the different baskets, how to “shop” for books and where we store our choices, how to return and check out books too.  We are working on reading with “stamina” – that means we don’t let ourselves distract or get distracted by others for at least 30 minutes during reading workshop.
Reading in Room 207 on PhotoPeach

Reading with Our KinderBuddies

Each week on F day we read with our KinderBuddies.  KinderBuddies are Kindergarteners.


Room 231 students, please write a reflection post about reading with your kinderbuddy by this Friday.  You could talk about why it’s an important thing to do, what you are learning by doing it and what you think your kinderbuddy might be getting out of this activity.

The photos taken today are uploaded to flickr already.  Find your kinderbuddy photo and copy and paste the code into your blog post.  Remember we have 4 embedding image experts in the class if you forget how to embed the image.  There’s this tutorial below too if you are working on this at home and get stuck!

Character Unit – Final Project Details

We are nearing the end of our character unit.  As part of your assessment in this unit you will complete some tasks.  Read your choices below and make your selections.

As part of your project, you must submit the following:

•    Title page for your project (include the title of book, author, your name)

•    Character Evaluation (see attached sheet. You may use this the way it is, or you may take the 10 boxes on the sheet and change the presentation to something more creative and that will have more space for you to write)

•    In books we read, often a character goes through a change.  Create a page, dividing it in half.  Draw or find a picture of an important character from your novel.  On one half, the picture should show how the character was before he/she changed, and on the other half, the picture should show the ‘after’.  Underneath, write a paragraph explaining how your character changed—inside and out!  Be as creative as you wish—you may use speech bubbles, symbols and anything else you can think of!

Choose 2 items from the following tasks to hand in:
Remember, be as creative as you wish! You don’t have to hand in the exact sheet you choose from.   Use technology, colored paper, art techniques…whatever!

•    An Interview with…
•    Scrapbook Delight
•    What’s Your View?
•    Magazine Cover
•    Journal Entry

Due Dates:
Compulsory Tasks:  Thursday 29 October 2009
Choice Tasks:            Monday 2 November 2009

If you have any questions, you can leave them as a comment on this post.  Happy October Break everyone – see you in a week!