Social Studies Unit Wrap Up

Dear Parents

Our last Social Studies unit for the year, MarketPlace – Is it Fair, has been a huge success.  The class economy was a hit and now it is time to wrap it all up.

To end this unit, we will be having a giant auction on Wednesday, June 5th during our Social Studies learning time. Your child has been asked to make sure they have your permission before they bring any items for the giant auction.

If you would like to donate “in good condition” toys, games and/or books for our Auction, that would be most appreciated.  Students will also have the opportunity to donate their “MarketPlace stock leftovers” to the auction as well as the classroom teacher providing a few “mystery” envelopes for auction as well.

3D Judges Gavel

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MarketPlace #1 – Complete!

The classroom was FULL of nervous, but great excitement this morning as
everyone prepared their stores for MarketPlace #1!

Today’s MarketPlace was ALL about collecting Market Research for our businesses.
(and selling and buying each others’ products/services too)
What a fantastic range of interesting things to do, buy and play!

You are invited to the Grade 3 Market place on the 22 May from 8:00-9:00 am.
All parents will be provided with some money to participate in our economy.

Please spend the money at a variety of businesses to help
many businesses succeed.

After the market day each child will reflect on how their business
went and how to improve.
The best learning occurs when children learn from their own experiences.

We hope you can come!
The Third Grade Teachers

Here’s a snapshot of how today’s MarketPlace went!

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Social Studies Homework

Thanks to Adi’s brilliant idea – here’s a photo of what your Social Studies page for Grasslands should look like – just in case you can’t remember all of the learning we did today during Social Studies.


Our Fragile Earth

Here is the video we watched today. You might like to watch it again with your parents.

We had a great discussion about what we will be learning about in this new unit of study for Social Studies. Wasn’t it cool that by the end of our first day learning about Our Fragile Earth, we now know what a natural resource is and how humans use some of those natural resources! Tell your parents what you learned today!

Tonight I would like you to find out what ecosystem means. (You might ask your parents, look in a dictionary, use the internet …..). Then I would like you to write in your own words what ecosystem means in the comments on this post. Tomorrow we will look at everyone’s comments and see if we can write a really good definition for ecosystem.

Sustainability Web Activities

Here are some web sites related to sustainability.  Today in class, you will visit some specific areas of these sites with a partner, but you can revisit them any time from home to explore some more.  (At home, you can turn the volume up as loud as you like, but at school, please keep it VERY  low!)

Tip: instead of clicking on the links, use control+click and choose “Open Link in New Tab”.  That way you can easily keep coming back to this post.

When you have tried the sites, please create a post on your own blog answering these two questions:
a) What was the best site or activity in your opinion?  Why?

b) What are three new facts that you learned?

1) EcoKids Home

There are some nifty games that help you learn under “Top Ten Games” or “Games and Activities”.  Try two or three.  One activity (here) lets you figure out how energy efficient you are.  Find the “Blog” icon to see a blog that both students and expert ecologists contribute to.

2) EPA Climate Change Kids Site

Before trying any of the games on this site, read two or three of the topic pages, such as Climate Change: What it is.  There are great explanations on this site sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

3) Scholastic’s Virtual Forest

This is an interactive guide to making “green” choices.

4) Bobby’s Bigfoot Adventure

Help Bobby calculate his ecological footprint.