Wylio – Embedding Creative Commons Images & Attribution Made Easy!

Introducing Wylio.com **** Updated scroll to bottom****

To use when you need to embed a Creative Commons image in a blog post.

This site is SO simple, so easy and only 4 steps from finding a creative commons image to embedding it in a post for your blog!!

Step 1

Free Pictures - Wylio.com

Step 2

Step 2

Step 3


Step 4

step 4
All images uploaded with Skitch!

You can still use compfight – but wylio is so much easier for embedding creative commons images & the bonus is the attribution is done for you – all in only 4 EASY steps!


Wylio.com - free pictures

Of course, in this ever changing world of technology – Wylio has changed slightly since I first posted about it!
Due to it’s growing popularity ….. Wylio now requires you to create a free account & login to use.  You can use your google account if you have one!

My advice, for classroom teachers would be to create a class google account for Wylio – one email address, one password – for the whole class to remember.
(A class google account can come in handy for all kinds of other things in the classroom – another blog post for later).

Changing Your Blog Theme

Over the Winter Break, we upgraded our blogging platform and add some very cool, new themes.  Soon we will also be deleting some old themes that either don’t work or don’t look good.

If you are using one of these themes on your blog you’ll want to change your theme in the next couple of weeks.

CAUTION: Changing your theme can cause you to loose your widgets. Write down the order of your widgets and and copy and paste any code you have into a document before updating your them.

Themes to be deleted the first of February:

  • 72 Class
  • Anarchy
  • Black Letterhead
  • Blue Moon
  • Borderline
  • Chaotic Soul
  • Day Dream
  • Gental Calm
  • Hemingway
  • Man-ja
  • Redoable
  • Veryplaintxt
  • Primitivo

Check out the new themes we’ve added!


Twenty Ten

This theme is so good that it’s the new default theme for all ISB student blogs. It’s a great theme, easy to use. You can pload your own picture to use as a header, customize the menu, and the widgets always work!

2010 Weaver

Magazine Basic


Chip Zero

Adventure Journal

Smart One



Changing The Theme

Grade 4 students are starting to blog on their own individual blogs.  We are taking a screenshot of our blog BEFORE we change from the default theme  (a very plain blue theme) to a theme of our choice.  At the same time, we are learning how to upload an image to our blogs.

We will try to limit the number of files we upload to our blogs and store most of our images on other sites, like our school flickr account, or we will use Compfight to find and embed creative commons images that we have permission to use, with attribution.

Here’s a example of what you could say in your “Hello World” post.

Welcome to my blog.  I am just starting to blog.

Today I took a screenshot of my blog before I made any changes so that I can see what it looked like when I first started.

When you change themes you must remember that each theme has it’s own default widgets and you might have to re-add some widgets you had before (like the META widget that helps you sign in).

Changing themes is a good way to help make your blog reflect your personality!

Here’s the instructions on Changing your Theme:

Edit Post 2039 Room 231 2014 WordPress

Richard2019s Blog 203A Manage Themes 2014 WordPress

Richard2019s Blog 203A Manage Themes 2014 WordPress

Remember, you can change your theme any time. Just check that all of your widgets have changed along with your new theme choice. Sometimes you have to re-add the META widget to help you sign in. On your dashboard, scroll down to appearance, click on widgets and re-add the META widget to your sidebar.

Richard2019s Blog

3 Truths And A Lie

Ms H’s 3 Truths & A Lie


1.  I play the bagpipes.

2.  I collect seahorses (things that have seahorses on them).

3.  I have been to the Great Wall of China.

4.  I can scuba dive.  I am a certified open water diver.

Can you guess which one of these is a lie?  Please leave me a comment.

Today Grade 3 is learning how to create a post on their own blog. We thought that creating a post called 3 Truths and A Lie would be a good idea so that we could practise creating a post and we could also practise our commenting by going to other blogs in our class and trying to guess the lie.

You can read other truths and lies over at Mr Jessee’s class student blogs!