Ten Online Tools to Kick Start the Year

Loved this session – I think it’s the oooohs & the ahhhhhhs that teachers let out when they “dabble” a little with the tools.

LiveBinders was perfect for introducing 9 other fabulous tools to use in the classroom – not just at the start of the year, but all year long.  Please, feel free to add your ideas to the side text boxes if you’re using these simple tools in the classroom too.

I loved the format of our session, so I thought I’d share that with you too:

Featured LiveBinders
  • Share the LiveBinders link:  http://livebinders.com
  • Search for teachingsagittarian in public binders
  • Begin with Tab #10 (LiveBinders of course)
  • Show sign-up, a few features like edit menu, text layout – set the timer for 7 minutes and have sand-pit (dabble) time
  • When the timer goes, you have to share something you discovered when playing around with the tool, with the person sitting next to you (3 minutes)
  • Repeat with next tool – Tab #1 – #9

This is a really good way to minimize the “teacher is the expert” thinking or expectation in your classroom.  I always “dabble” a little before I introduce any new tool to my students – but I let them “discover” things too.  Almost every time I do this, someone discovers something else I didn’t know about the tool – it’s very empowering for students to discover something the teacher doesn’t know!  I love it! And in less than 20 minutes most of the students in your class have a fair idea of how that tool works!  Sometimes I’ll ask for 4-6 volunteers to show small group something they’ve learned to do – then we’ll do a round robin of discovery – it takes a bit to organise, but worth the effort too.

So, here it is – The LiveBinder “10 Online Tools to Kick Start the Year (click the images or the link)

10 Online Tools to Kick Start the Year
Uploaded with Skitch!

Hope you find it useful!  What are your favourite online tools?

Another FlickrCC Search Tool

The fabulous Mr U, (aka: Jeff Utecht) showed me this FlickrCC search tool after our meeting the other day.


Click on the image you like the look of, and this screen appears next:

A flickr CC search toy

As a presenter, the stamp option is fabulous!! Check out what it does below!

stamp.php (500մ61)

I do wish this site did have a safe-search option ……… I’d love to introduce it to our students, but for now, I think we will stick with Compfight as it allows us to have a Safe-Search on, which makes it appropriate for use at school.

You can find out more about what we’ve been discussing with our students about Creative Commons & using Compfight over at our “model blog” for student blogging.

What conversations are you having at your school with students about the use of images in our work?