Our Schedule

Routines are important for 3rd Graders. Our schedule runs on a 6-day cycle.  Most days, the morning sessions before Specials are the same. As with any classroom, the schedule can change from time to time to accommodate different needs.
Our PE days are A, C and E
Our Library day is D

A – F Days:
7:25am    Word Study
7:40am    Writing Workshop
8:30am    Math
9:25am    Snack / Recess
9:45am    Science/Social Studies
10:35am  Read-Aloud (Mystery Readers welcome!)
10:45am  Recess / Lunch
11:30am  Reading Workshop
12:35pm  Special #1
1:20pm    Special #2

A Day   Music / PE
B Day   World Languages (Spanish, Thai, Mandarin and/or EAP)
C Day   Music / PE
D Day   World Languages / Library
E Day   Art / PE
F Day   World Languages / Art

Specials Teachers:
PE:  Mrs Lindsay Perry
Music:  Ms Ashley Jordan
Art:  Ms Paz Molina

Students will be dismissed from their Specials every day except for B-days when they will be dismissed from the classroom.