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PE Celebration of Learning!

The Grade 3 Celebration of Learning for PE will take place on Wednesday April 3rd. The format is similar to years past and will be held during our grade levels time for specials. All classes will have a double block of PE on that day, therefore, missing their other...

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Read-A-Thon Kick Off!

Today we "kicked-off" our Read-A-Thon! Everyone has been out collecting sponsors for the challenge they have set themselves to read - some people are trying to read more than 600 minutes over the next two weeks! A couple of people are trying to read more than 1,000...

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Blogger of the Week #7

Congratulations to Nina! Nina posted the Earth Hour Video and encouraged people to take action.  She's also been writing some great reflections about herself in different subjects including what was easy and what was hard about what she has been doing. Read her latest...

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Blogger of the Week #6

Congratulations to Will! Will has written a very reflective post about his learning - he's set it out in a very good way to talk about what's working for him and what's not.  I like how he also talks about what he's not enjoying because he writes why he's not enjoying...

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Dear Parents: Friday Folder

Tonight our Friday Folder is coming home loaded with important notices! Swimming will begin for our class shortly.  Please read the information from our PE Specialist Teacher - Mrs Perry Student Led Conference time with Specialist Teachers - a new online booking...

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Mark the Date: Fabulous Art Show

A message to you from our wonderful ES Art Teachers ........ Dear Parents, The annual ES Art exhibition will be held in the Chevron Theater from March 18th-March 29th.  Every student will have a piece of artwork in the show. We invite you to come and view the exhibit...

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Help! My Meta-Widget has Disappeared!

A lot of students have been changing their theme this year only to discover that the meta widget (the little widget that helps you log in) has "disappeared!" Well the good news is, it hasn't actually disappeared and there is a way to get it back. First, you need to...

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Learning to Hyperlink

Sometimes we can't embed the digital products we make.  That's when knowing how to hyperlink comes in handy.  Hyperlinking means that we can type some words to click on that will take us to another website. Today we learned how to hyperlink to a special "educreations"...

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Caught on Tape!

Check out our famous Land Snail. Well done to our videographer, Anya! She did a great job of capturing the movement of the snail!

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Snail Post

Today we observed the latest additions to our classroom ....... the Land Snails! Write a blog post using the paragraph starters ...... I saw ...... I think ..... and I wonder .... to record your thoughts about our first closer look at the snail!

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Blogger of the Week #5

Congratulations to Nicolas! Nicolas has been keeping us informed of what he's been up to both at home and at school.  He's been including an image with his posts and I will teach you all how to do this properly on our next B Day. Read his latest posts here

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Dear Parents …… Unit Overviews

We recently started new units of study in Reading, Writing and Math! Click on the heading Unit Overviews (along the top of the Classroom Blog).  The menu will drop down so that you can choose  the subject you are looking for: Reading, Writing or Math to see what we...

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Author Study VoiceThreads

Some great researching and thinking was done in our Author Study Unit that we finished last week. In class we learned and noticed things that Chris Van Allsburg does as an author and in groups we looked closely at Cynthia Rylant, Tomie de Paola, Margaret Mahy and Gail...

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Upload vrs Embed

This afternoon in class we learned more about two words that we use when we are blogging or working on the internet. Upload When you move a copy of a file (image, doc, pdf, audio, video, presentation etc) from your laptop/computer to the internet.  Uploading means...

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Reading to Become Experts in Room 207

Look at all the topics we want to become experts in! Tonight we are bring home our questions we want to know the answers to about our chosen topic. Parents, please talk with us about our questions and help us look for some appropriate sources on the internet to help...

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Birthday Wishes

Yesterday, Anya celebrated her birthday! Please join me in the comments below to wish her a happy birthday! Photo Credit: Will Clayton via Compfight cc

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Dear Parents ……. ISA Results

Coming home tonight with your child are the envelopes containing the results of the ISA (International Schools Assessment) that all Grade 3, 5, 7 & 10 students sit earlier in the year. You should have received an email from Mr Graeme Scott (Deputy Head of School)...

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Safe Search Engines

Over the next few weeks we will be Reading to Become Experts!  During this time we may be using books and internet sources to read and learn about certain topics that we would like to become more expert in. We need to understand a little more about how search engines...

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Structures of Life Prezi

Today we got started on the content of our Structures of Life Prezis for Science. We also made a criteria for what our Prezi needs to have in it. Click here to learn (remember) how to embed your prezi in a blog post when it is ready to share with the world!

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In Our Bags!

Tonight we are taking home a few things in our school bags. #1:  The class photos order form!  You can check out the full size photo outside our classroom door - we look awesome! Last day of ordering is Thursday, February 21st.    Place your photo order in the Kids...

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Smooth Stones

I'm wondering how many people in our class will read this in time ...... Today I forgot to ask you all to bring a "medium" size smooth, flatish stone from home, to school tomorrow. If you are reading this, you might like to bring two smooth stones (rocks) to school in...

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