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Dear Parents ….

Coming home today in your child's backpack ....... A letter with the details listed below about our Class Field Trip to the Snake Farm as part of our Structures of Life Science Unit A permission slip On the dates indicated below, the third grade classes will be taking...

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Birthday Wishes

Last week Jered celebrated his birthday! Please join me in the comments below to wish him belated birthday wishes! Photo Credit: Will Clayton via Compfight cc

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This Game is HARD!

Hello 207 Mathematicians!! I found this online game called Space Racer Multiplication It's perfect for practising your multiplication basic facts - and it is H.A.R.D! See how far you can get with it! Then I'll share my highest score with you. Click on the image or the...

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Mother Nature Project

Remember a few months ago, when we wrote a verse about lending mother nature a hand for a collaborative project with The American International School of Muscat in Oman? It fit quite well in with Our Fragile Earth unit of study didn't it? Mr Mongardi has been able to...

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Dear Parents ……… Unit Overviews

It's almost the end of Semester 1! Can you believe how quickly time has gone by?  Safe travels to those of you traveling over the "Winter" break! Click on Unit Overviews at the top of our blog for Reading and Science to see what we will be working on at the beginning...

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Flowers and Snowmen

A big huge thank you to my gorgeous, sweet and caring 3rd Graders (and their Mum's & Dad's) for the beautiful basket of flowers and handmade cards (loved the messages!!).  What a lovely surprise and a massive hug-fest this morning! Could the day get any better? Of...

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Secret Squirrel Week

To end our first Semester together and to honour our Bucket Filling system - where we are kind and caring to one another - we will be having a secret squirrel week.  Please see the list below. A paper copy will come home on Friday afternoon as well as the name of the...

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Reading Homework Tonight

In your reading notebooks, write a draft letter convincing a reader to read a mystery book that you have already read, and of course, one that you have enjoyed. See the example below to help you with what your letter should sound like. Please see important reminder...

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Our Fragile Earth Prezi

Today we learned how to sign into our prezi accounts. Tonight for homework, we need to log into the class prezi account (Login: You know the password (Clue: Think team think capital letters). See the image below for the SubHeadings that...

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Same but Different / We Are Family

International Day - what a day! What a week!  It's been so much fun and so interesting to learn a little more about the ways we are the same but still different!  Thank you to everyone who either shared some of their culture with us during the week or with us on...

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Mysterious Goings-On

There have been some mysterious goings-on in Room 207 but not to worry! Our team of Daring Detectives are on to it! We will get to the bottom of all mysteries I'm sure! [youtube][/youtube]

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Thankful For

During our class meeting today - we each thought about one thing that we were grateful for at school and at home and recorded our thoughts. A lot of us are very grateful for our parents.  Please click the link below to hear the rest of our thanks! If you celebrate...

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Dear Parents ……. Math Unit Overview

Next week we will begin a new unit of study in Math. Click on the heading Unit Overviews (along the top of the Classroom Blog).  The menu will drop down so that you can choose  the subject you are looking for: Click Math to see what we will be doing in that unit and...

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Social Studies Homework

Thanks to Adi's brilliant idea - here's a photo of what your Social Studies page for Grasslands should look like - just in case you can't remember all of the learning we did today during Social Studies.

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Surprise Guests!

Room 207 had not one, but TWO surprise guests today. First, Jason's mother came in as our Mystery Reader during Reading Workshop, then when we arrived back from Recess/Lunch we had more surprise guests! We learned some interesting things about Diwali.  Anya's mother...

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